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This Three-Year Tinder Conversation Is The ULTIMATE 21st Century Love Story!


Nobody said dating in the digital age would be easy!

Back in 2014, after matching with her on Tinder, Josh Avsec sent Michelle Arendas a simple message on September 20th, with the intent of initiating a conversation.

Sadly, Michelle didn’t respond for two months, giving the excuse that her phone died. That’s when the now-22-year-old Josh decided to give the now-21-year-old Michelle a taste of her own medicine. After chatting in November, he waited until January to respond!

As seen here:

Josh told the Irish Independent he delayed his response as a way of coping with rejection.

"More or less it was my way of handling a girl blowing me off. What I wasn’t expecting is her to respond once I responded a few months later. I figured it would just fade away."

The snail’s pace back-and-forth continued on for three more years!

On Friday, Josh posted their 11-message convo on Twitter, where he announced his goal of meeting Michelle… SOMEDAY!

Hahahaha one day I’m going to meet this girl and it’s going to be epic. Look at the dates of our tinder texts.
— Josh Avsec (@Wes_03) July 8, 2017

Michelle is totally game… but in a few months! She is "really busy" after all!

sorry I’d reply but I need to give it a few months !
— Michelle Arendas (@mch_rnd) July 8, 2017

When this Tinder "love story" went viral, many Internet users were rooting for them to make it as a legitimate couple.

"So many people were telling us that we were relationship goals or that it was so cute, it really stacked the pressure to get to know her."

This actually seems like the most solid connection I’ve ever witnessed on Tinder
— Stuart Bramley 🌹 (@StuBram2) July 10, 2017

One commenter even noticed that both of them are posing with felines in their profile pictures!

we’re not just gonna ignore that both of you are showing off big cats in your profile pictures

Because of their newfound success, the two are indeed talking and may finally get the happy ending they deserve! Josh said:

"So while this tweet was going viral, I sent her a couple direct messages, making jokes about all of these hilarious comments."

Michelle is optimistic about meeting up with Josh, as she wouldn’t want to disappoint her "new fans"!

"I’m sure our new fans would definitely be happy if we did. Hopefully he just won’t take months to ask!"

Truly a fairy tale romance!

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