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ANOTHER Taylor Swift Stalker Has Been Arrested! Get The Scary Deets!


taylor swift’s stalker arrested [Image via WENN] taylor swift’s stalker arrested [Image via WENN] taylor swift’s stalker arrested [Image via WENN] taylor swift’s stalker arrested [Image via WENN]

There’s a fine line between being a superfan and a stalker!

And, sadly, Taylor Swift‘s had some experience dealing with both.

On Thursday, it was revealed that one Swiftie totally crossed the line as he’s repeatedly gained access to her New York City apartment building and demanded a sit down with the starlet. Whoa.

Reportedly, Mohammed Jaffar first showed up at Miz Swift’s apartment back in December, where he requested a face-to-face with the Blank Space singer. Obviously, Mr. Jaffar was ordered to take a hike.

However, Mohammed didn’t appreciate being turned away as he proceeded to stop by the building FOUR more times over the course of two months. His most recent visit was on February 15. The fan has since been arrested for stalking and burglary and is being held on $20,000 bond.

During one visit (on February 6), Mohammed somehow made his way INTO the building, where he lingered in front of TayTay’s door and spent time on the building’s roof. It’s said Jaffar was on the roof between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. So scary!

To make matters worse, during another visit to Taylor’s pad, the obsessed fan rang the blonde stunner’s door buzzer for a straight hour — and, when he didn’t get a response, he returned the next day to ring the buzzer for another 45 minutes. And Mohammed hasn’t just harassed Taylor, as he’s reportedly called the A-lister’s management company 59 times between January 27 and February 16.

Thankfully, Judge David Frey is taking this situation seriously as he has issued an order of protection against Jaffar, which bars the man from contacting Swift in any way. Phew!

We’re sure Taylor’s neighbors, Orlando Bloom and Steven Soderbergh, are grateful for the restraining order too. LOLz!

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